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Lydeard St Lawrence Community Primary School


At Lydeard St Lawrence we are committed to the use of computer technology to enhance and extend the learning of our pupils. We recognise that the internet and other technologies are valuable tools for all learners and that we need to equip our children with the skills that they will need going forward into an increasingly digital world.

For all pupils the use of computers, including the internet, are essential to support learning and communication within the classroom and the wider school community.

There are of course recognised safeguarding issues with the internet, and other IT equipment such as mobile phones,  and it is our duty to protect the children by taking all reasonable steps to minimise and restrict pupils’ access to the potential risks.

With this in mind:

·         Lydeard St Lawrence School uses a filtered internet service to restrict  access to undesirable web content.

·         All internet access during school hours is supervised by a member of staff.

·         All children are taught about internet safety within class, during whole school and class assemblies.

·         Children are reminded of these rules before each session that uses digital technology.

·         All children are familiar with the Internet Safety Rules.

Online Safety Policies and Useful Links

Online Safety - Pupil Acceptable Use Policy

Online Safety - Parent/Pupil Acceptable Use Policy

Online Safety - Regular Visitor Acceptable Use Policy

Online Safety - Staff Acceptable Use Policy

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