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Lydeard St Lawrence Community Primary School

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable our children to become outward looking, curious, innovative individuals, who learn in a school which has creativity, inclusivity and holistic learning at its core.

 Our School Values 

Our values were chosen through a process of collaboration with our student school council, governors and staff. These values are at the heart of everything that we do in our school:

  •  We are resilient – we understand that learning is a journey. Risks and mistakes are part of how we learn.
  • We are curious – we wonder about the world. We discover new things, we challenge and question.
  • We are proud – we take pride in all we do, our school, our learning and ourselves
  • We care – we think about our community and the wider world. We respect each other, we are kind and fair.
  • We are ambitious- there is no limit to what we can achieve.
  • We are unique – we value differences and originality. We are independent, creative and authentic



This will be achieved by valuing and promoting:

  •  High quality teaching and learning
  • Outstanding behaviour
  • A rich and stimulating learning environment 
  • A variety of opportunities for all learners in the curriculum  
  • A high level of independence in all pupils 
  • Empowerment of pupils by involving them in lesson planning
  • Responsibility of all learners to move their learning forward
  • Inclusion of parents, guardians and the wider community in supporting the learning journey
  • Our vision which is at the core of everything we do