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Lydeard St Lawrence Community Primary School

Pupil Voice

Lydeard St Lawrence School believes that learning is more purposeful and meaningful when pupils are engaged in their school and have ownership of their curriculum and environment and that this must involve more than just taking part in lessons and play. 

It is important for us to give the children in our school a voice, positions of leadership and responsibility. Our School councils provide a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their own and their peers opinions, and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them. In addition, the role of Head Pupil are an important and valuable way for the school to provide leadership and development opportunities for our older pupils.   We feel that these roles and responsibilities also give the children increased self-confidence and a greater sense of responsibility.

Pupil participation in their learning can mean a range of different things. In classrooms, this may include working with the children to develop project or lesson content that reflect interests and/or lines of enquiry expressed by pupils, or by encouraging reflection by pupils on their own (and others) learning. Children are also given that chance to talk with school leaders about their learning and to give feedback on the work that they have been doing in class.

School Council

The School Council is run by the children, for the children and they are supported by a member of staff. Lydeard St Lawrence School Council works hard to listen to their fellow student's concerns and opinions and to discuss and make decisions on important school wide issues.